RV Trip planner

An RV trip planner can save you up to $500 for every month that you travel! Do you want to stay longer? Do you want to go farther? Would you like to go more often? Or, perhaps, put your savings towards purchasing a newer RV?

For nearly a decade we've been looking for an RV trip planner that gives us the information we most need.

We're frugal minded RV travellers. We searched and searched and finally found a guidebook that's written expressly to help us save money on our travels.

For example, we knew that many free camping options exist because we've used them. But there wasn't an RV trip planner that told us where these were? We had to find them for ourselves!

After years of cheap RV travel, we have found numerous ways to lessen your travel costs, but none is as important as knowing where to find the best low-cost and free camping.

Luckily many areas in North America, including the most RV friendly states (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, California, and Colorado) still have many free, scenic, legal and safe camping areas available.

Since no one is making money from these sites, there are no travel planners to show them and they do not have any ads in magazines. And why should they, the people who run the pay campgrounds would not want to see a highway road signs that read:

Free Camping: 5 Sites, Suitable For RVs Less Than 28 feet,
1/2 Mile Down This Road

So, the only way to find these countless gems is to hear about them by asking the local people and other RVers, or to drive the back roads yourself to look for them.

Where Are The Scenic Free Campsites?

RVers are generous with sharing information, but directions to their favorite free camping areas, the ones that are almost too good to be true, that perhaps hold only 2, 3 or 4 RVs are often kept close to the vest for fear that, the next time they visit, their favorite spot will be occupied.

In fact there are a few such spots that even I can't divulge to you because we've been sworn to secrecy by those who told us about them.

But, through 9 years of shunpiking, (driving the back roads) we've come across many more of these jewels on our own.

We've Found Hundreds Of Free Campsites.

An abundance that I think deserves to be shared.

For that reason and in response to questions from our friends and relatives, who wonder how we can afford to travel as often, as far, and for as long as we do, I've written a series of RV trip planner eBooks that I've called The Frugal Shunpiker's Guides.

And that's how the ultimate RV trip planner was born !

In fact, over the years we've been traveling we've accumulated so much information that I've decided to break it into separate e-book guides for each area. (Kind of like the Fodor's of Budget RV travel.)

It's frustrating to me that just when we, the baby boomers, are beginning our retirement or semi-retirement the cost of travel is going up like crazy due to the so-called oil crises.

I believe that everyone can afford to travel if they do it the way we do. So, I've made my Frugal Shunpiker's Guides available to everyone whose dream of adventure travel includes hitting the road and leaving it all behind.

The first four eBook guides in the series are now available for you to download immediately.

Attention Tent Users

These guides are not just for RVers. Many of the suggested frugal and "camp-for-free" areas listed in the eBooks are suitable for tents as well as RVs.

Where Are The Free RV Dump Stations?

How annoying is it to pay $5.00 or even $10.00 to dump your RV tanks, only to find that the next day you stop at a visitor center or gas station that offers this service for free? If you had only known, you could have held off one more day.

In our 9 years of RV trips we've gathered and documented all kinds of useful information and tips to help you save money on groceries, dining, entertainment, entry fees, Internet, laundry and dumping your tanks, without detracting from the enjoyment or your travels.

Affordable Adventure

Although we visit the cities, our RV trips tend to be geared toward the natural wonders. Following the routes suggested in this RV trip planner, you'll be on the move, rather than planted in one place. You'll experience a variety of wonderful scenic locations, and even benefit from our reviews of the best hiking trails.

Honesly, There's plenty of that in these RV travel guides too!

If free campsites exist but the road to them is particularly bad, or the campsites aren't level enough for an RV, we'll let you know, and usually have an alternative suggestion.

If we've spent our money on an attraction that we didn't feel met our expectations, we'll tell you about it.

And if it will cost more in gas to drive to the free camping area than using the nearest pay campgrounds, then it's not really free, is it? So, unless it's a particularly scenic site and well worth the trip, we won't even mention it.

We've spent our time and gas to check out the conditions so you won't have to.

Speaking of honesty, I don't expect you to just take my word for it. Here's a review by one of the most repected names in the RV industry:

Following these RV trip planners you'll experience your entire trip differently.

In many places the campgrounds all look the same…but imagine sitting out with your chair facing the scenic view instead of the neighbor's camper.

Using my RV travel guide you can relax and enjoy your day of travel and exploring, knowing there are camping options nearby and where to find them.

Do you hate having to make campsite reservations?

Making reservations prevents you from 'blowing with the wind', and traveling at your own leisurely pace. Yet, if you're traveling at peak season and don't reserve, you risk that the campgrounds near your destination will be full.

You'll be pleased to know that the Frugal Shunpiker's Guides include directions to many free camping areas that we've discovered near most of the major National Parks in the American Southwest.

I'm willing to bet that, you won't go back to the park's pay-campground after experiencing our suggested free camping sites.

Even if you already consider yourself a shunpiker and enjoy driving the back roads, finding your own unadvertised campsites, you'll want this RV travel guide to supplement your own finds.

Although we enjoy the search, we also know what a gift it is when others direct us to their favorite (secret) free camping sites.

View Photos Of Free Campsites

To see pictures we took at some of our free campsites, get more information on each RV trip planner in the Frugal Shunpiker's series, view a list of each ebook's contents, testimonials, and the 'no questions asked' money back guarantee, simply click on the book's title below.